After three years, making a stylish, light, and environmentally friendly electric bike.


The Beginning Of WTVA

After graduating from the University of San Francisco, BoBo and his best friend spent a year traveling around Europe by bike, then worked as a mechanical designer for an e-bike company before moving into his passion for bicycles.


Therefore, W created WTVA.

After 10 years as a designer, BoBo sees a lot of opportunity in e-bikes, and sees that more and more people in San Francisco are riding bikes to get around and that wives are choosing to commute and travel by bike instead of driving," says BoBo. "More and more consumers are taking sustainability seriously, but few companies are putting it into action.

At the same time, there are still many gaps in the e-bike sector, as very few products combine price and performance, and consumers want a high-quality yet stylish e-bike that can be used by most people". Therefore, BoBo created WTVA.


power, range, sustainability.

After choosing electric bikes as the direction of his business, BoBo had three primary problems to solve: the first was to achieve power, the second was range because most electric bikes have strong power but not enough range, or long range but not enough power, and the third was sustainability, whether it was possible to use 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable materials from R&D to production.


scale up production in Sept. 2020.

In 2012, BoBo decided to go to China to solve the problem of large-scale production. BoBo found a foundry in Fujian province, where he could not speak Chinese and relied on a translator to communicate with the factory's technical staff.

Because progress was slow, BoBo decided to invest in his factory and hired experts in electric bicycles to continuously design and develop, prototype, test, and optimize the product. It took three years before and after, BoBo was finally able to scale up production in September 2020.

Incredible numbers

We are gathering the power of all parties to improve the earth's environment. With the strength of his people, the victory also.

33,598+ riders, 11,230+ tons of oil saved, 21,322+ tons of CO2 emissions reduced, 36,257+ trees planted.

#One Person Rides to Reduce Carbon by One Ton #

On the day of the "Earth Blackout Hour", WTVA launched the #One Person Rides to Reduce Carbon by One Ton action, calling on the public to travel short distances on e-bikes, allowing the public to see the results of their low-carbon behavior in real-time in the form of data visualization, allowing users to check their carbon reduction contribution at any time, and the riders who reduce carbon by one ton within the specified period Riders who reduce 1 ton of carbon within the specified period will donate a basketball court made of used tires to a mountainous area in their name.

WTVA also launched the #Low-Carbon Ride on Earth Day challenge, where riders can get a "low-carbon achievement certificate". By presenting riders' low-carbon contributions in a quantifiable way and setting prizes for reaching their goals, WTVA can fully satisfy riders' sense of accomplishment, effectively motivate the public to take continuous action, and promote a healthy and low-carbon lifestyle. The purpose of the campaign is to promote a healthy and low-carbon lifestyle.

Build our community together

We are building lifelong relationships with our customers and building a dedicated community for all those who love WTVA. This is where we share exciting e-bike moments, tips, and tricks. Join our WTVA e-bike global community and explore different ways for different people.