How to store electric bike batteries? | WTVABIKES

Hello everyone, today let's discuss the battery. We know that batteries need to be maintained, and many problems can occur if they are not handled properly. Let me tell you how to do it safely.

One of the problems with electric bicycles is that they may be idle for several months, which is not good for batteries. Moreover, used batteries damaged by mishandling or negligence are expensive and frustrating.

For all batteries: recharging and using them is the best way to keep the battery in good condition.

There is another thing to keep in mind: too high ambient temperature is difficult for the battery. You may remember from Chemistry 101 that if you increase the temperature by 10°C, your reaction speed may double.

The battery is a complex electrochemical reaction that can perform its best function in the same temperature range as yours. High temperature will reduce life. Low temperatures may extend service life, but also reduce performance.

Lithium batteries can last for years or even thousands of cycles. The general rule of thumb is that high-quality batteries can last for 2000 cycles and more than 5 years.

Whether it should be stored on the bicycle or outside the bicycle is a question. It really doesn't matter-it's just that some bicycle functions always require a bit of energy. These bicycles will therefore drain the battery.

And some people will plug in the charger, connect it, turn on the power, and leave it for... Days to months. This is not a good idea. Although many chargers are "smart" and turn off on their own when the battery is fully charged, a malfunctioning charger may overcharge.

The charger may also wear out after being left for several months, so the battery cannot be charged. Simple suggestion: Do not keep the bicycle and the charger connected for a long time, plug and unplug. In fact, using a timer to turn off the power supply current after an appropriate time is a good preventive measure.

Please pay attention to this problem and charge the battery as planned. Keep your battery in a perfect state!